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About Krushiking

KRUSHIKING AGROTECH INDUSTRIES PVT.LTD. Providing technical information and market analysis to farmers through SMS services, Magazine and App since 2013.

From 2015 we have launched innovative services for Agro industries like BizAppmate, B2B SMS services, Market analysis, and Content based marketing.Customer care, sales support and Agro produce procurement services are also additionally provided.

Different Agro industries and organizations are using our services to show their digital presence.

We provide different services to farmers worth Rs.1, 08,000 absolutely free through Krushiking App. Farmers have been linked with us with great faith.

Krushiking provides best technical content and analysis to farmers and hence has become popular advanced Agriculture Knowledge Centre in India.

Krushiking is set to expand its operations in Gujrat and Madhyapradesh in 2018-19.

Our Mission

  • To generate high quality content focusing on technologies and market analysis in agriculture
  • To synchronize printing and digital media to facilitate the growth of ago industries and farming
  • To become the media of choice to industries, farmers an academicians
  • To provide innovative digital services to industries and partnering their growth
  • To provide the innovative digital services to the growth of Rural and co operative organizations

Our Vision

  • To become the most innovative and reliable agriculture info-media company in India