Agriculture industry is facing various challenges in digital technologies like:

  • 1. Actionable Information

  • 2. Maintaining daily count of daily active users.

  • 3. Relevant information

  • 4. Need based information

  • 5. Maintaining liveliness of app

  • 6. Timely updates

These RSS feeds and APIs are provided into 11 languages as listed below

  • Krushiking provides RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds in headline, Image and full text format for commercial purpose.By using RSS feeds, the user can stay updated on the news from KRUSHIKING.

  • 1. Hindi 2. English 3. Marathi

  • 4. Bengali 5. Telugu 6. Tamil

  • 7. Urdu 8. Gujarati 9. Kannada

  • 10. Malayalam 11. Punjabi


Weather Report

Next 7 Days Weather forecast is given, according to location selected by farmer. Parameters-Temperature (Min,Max), Humidity and Precipitation, storm alerts.


General News, Market trends (Agriculture commodities), Govt. schemes

Allied Business

In Allied Bussiness module every useful information regarding agriculture allied business is provide like dairy , poultry, goat farming, etc. from government sources and experts from the agriculture industry.

Crop Advisory

In this module crop advisory is provided to farmers of their selected crops. In association with four agriculture universities like Rahuri, Parbhani, Akola and Dapoli also from the various research centers we receive the crop advisory.

Government Resolution

Provide PDF formate -Agriculture, Animal Husbandary, social welfare division.

Market Report

Market report module- international markets updates for agriculture commodities with graphical analysis.

Market Trends- Gult-Surplus impact and trends of Commodities Daily Rate charts - - 72 crops, 3,138 markets and total 12,734 point's covered daily.

Analysis Charts- Daily, 7 Days, 15 Days , Monthly Reports of top 5 market across the state and country,crop specific.


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