Market Research Survey

how and where products are purchased? customer needs? Curious about the level of competitive positioning you have within a certain industry? These questions can be answered through market research surveys. It allows you to find out “what your market thinks”.

Mobile market research

capitalises on the widespread use of devices, such as smartphones, to ask questions, distribute polls, and analyse product usage

social networking platforms

Market research through use of social media, collecting and analysing posts and reaction of user to discover trends and reveal more information about consumers

Customer Satisfaction Survey

This kind of survey can help companies and organizations quickly and accurately measure how pleased their customers are with their product, service, event or with the company in general. Collecting customer feedback can even increase sales.

Brand awareness survey

Creating brand awareness is one of the first steps when building an audience. This survey type, combined with your market research data, you can set up different kinds of marketing messages that can communicate your brand name and the products or services that are tied to it.

Lead generation survey

In a couple of simple questions, this type of survey method will gather both contact information and some preferences about your target audience. Enough for you to build a list of possible prospects that are interested in your product or services.


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